Eugene Burger Management

Corporate B2B Profiles Targeting EBMC

Eugene Burger Management (EBMC) Wins Testimonials From Both Tenants and Clients

Eugene Burger Management wins testimonials from tenants and clients and these testimonials concern HOA (Homeowners Association) Management, Apartment Management, and Commercial Property Management. An HOA formulates and enforces rules for the properties in their authority.

Eugene Burger Management focuses on active management. As an example of a testimonial, in March 2013, a family moved into their new community in Carlsbad, CA. In September 2013, they received a call from EBMC that one of the irrigation lines was releasing water. Prior to calling the family, an employee from EBMC contacted the HOA president. Because of this, the two of them were able to go to the family’s property and stop the continual flow of water. With regards to Apartment Management and the transformation of a property, the Company received a testimonial from a client who said that from the maintenance staff to the site managers and property supervisor, the work was a team effort that led to success.

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