Eugene Burger Management

Corporate B2B Profiles Targeting EBMC

Eugene Burger Management (EBMC) is a Qualified Receiver

Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC) can assist customers that need to move onto or manage a defaulted security property by offering them with the assistance of a qualified receiver. This is none other than Eugene Burger himself, who is also a certified California Real Estate Broker and a registered General Contractor both in California and Nevada. In addition to his more than forty seven years of experience in the real estate investment industry, Eugene Burger has also served as a court-appointed receiver in the Eighth Judicial District in Nevada. This allows Eugene Burger and his team from Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC) to produce Receiver Bonds within two days as needed by their clients. Eugene Burger has also functioned as a Special Master for the United States District Court, and has been called forth as a qualified expert witness in over twenty three bankruptcy and litigation cases.

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