Eugene Burger Management

Corporate B2B Profiles Targeting EBMC

Eugene Burger Management (EBMC) Manages Market Rate Properties

Eugene Burger Management (EBMC) has the practical experience, qualifications and problem solving capabilities gained from more than four decades in managing commercial and residential real estate properties to help clients with their market-rate apartment management services need. Eugene Burger Management (EBMC) ensures that each property management expert under its employ has the knowledge base to draw upon when making complex business decisions that affect market-rate properties to help ensure a good return of investment, the safety of funds and the creation of more wealth for property owners. Eugene Burger Management (EBMC) centers its initiatives on developing efficient operating procedures, creating well-run maintenance programs, getting package discounts on insurance and other items, monitoring unit inspections and resident retention programs to boost Net Operating Income (NOI) while sustaining, safeguarding and improving the property’s physical assets.

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